Orange - Chromed Steel Legs Eiffel Dining Room Chair (Set of 2)


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by Nicer Interior

This stylish armchair combines the classic moulded shell with the popular Eiffel base to create a truly sleek and modern chair for the home or office. The body of the chair is formed in a single mould with quality material, and is sculpted to ideally complement the contours of the body.

The intricate base is made from sturdy wood or stainless steel, and is reminiscent of the Eiffel tower. The Armchair is available in a range of colours, including red, white, black, green, orange. This armchair is the perfect addition to the modern lounge room, as well as the funky office or trendy café. 

Key Features

  • Pair of Modern Style Arm Chairs / Accent Seats - Chromed Steel Legs - High Quality Heavy-duty plastic molded seat (matte finish) Dining Room Chair
  • Straight metal Eiffel dowel legs with floor protectors for hardwood floor
  • Ergonomically shaped & comfortable curved seating - Great for Home, Office, Nurseries, Parties, Banquets,Bar and Cafe.
  • Easy to assemble - Just follow the instruction with the package.
  • Arm Type = Armchair
  • Quantity = 2
  • Weight = 38 lbs
  • Width = 24.5"
  • Height = 31.75"
  • Depth = 24.5"


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