Modern Salem Side Dining Chair Chair Cafe Chair (Set of 2)


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by Nicer Interior

Crafted entirely from aluminium or stainless steel, this side dining chair represent classic design and retro chic.

The clean, classic lines make it timeless, practical and stylish, a perfect seating for multiple uses. Whether as a dining chair in the home or commercial space, an office chair or simply a stylish side chair, the chair will not disappoint.

Size: D15 x W15 x H32 x SH18

Key Features

  • Well structured,imitates a natural environment and lasts longer than other cat trees.
  • Super plush beds for catty to sleep comfortably
  • 6 Platforms suitable for all sizes of cats.
  • Arm Type = Armless
  • Stackable = Yes
  • Quantity = 2
  • Weight = 38 lbs
  • Width = 15"
  • Height = 32"
  • Depth = 15"

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