Stainless Steel Modern Bar Stool with Polished Finish (Set of 2)


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Stainless Steel Modern Bar Stool with Polished Finish (Set of 2)

The timeless stool spans generations and cultures and has lift the restriction of contemporary furniture from indoors, you can enjoy this retro-chic all-purpose chair on your deck,patio, in the restaurant or bistro. It is especially usefully in commercial business with outdoor seating.

The light weight versatile stainless steel makes the stool easy to move and also stand up to the outdoor elements. It is waterproof and UV resistant and can be used for all types of weather. When used outdoor, some care should be taken. It is also available in counter eight stool and dining chair..

Size: D15 x W15 x H43 x SH30

Key Features

  • Curved seat, designed to accommodate long hours of use without physical strain.
  • Naval-inspired stainless steel design in a polished finish.
  • Plastic caps will protect wood floor perfectly.
  • Very light weight, Good For indoor & outdoor use, No Assembly required.
  • Adjustable leg tips provide an easy solution in the event of uneven surface.

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