Modern inspired LCW Modern Lounge Chair Side Chair in Natural


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by Nicer Interior

This Modern LCW Dining Chair is a tribute to the original, harnessing the power of minimalist design and organic materials to produce a piece that is elegant and functional.

The back and seat of the chair are moulded from 5-ply plywood, while the legs are created with 8-ply plywood for increased strength and durability. Rubber shock mounts are incorporated to absorb pressure and protect floors.

This stylish chair comes fully assembled, ready to add a designer touch to your home, office or restaurant.

Size: 22"W x 26"H(measured from back) x 22.5"D x 15.5-10.5"SH (slopped from front to back)

Key Features

  • A timeless retro style inspried by Modern.
  • Made by real walnut wood veneer over durable plywood.
  • Features curved angular legs and a surprisingly comfortable minimalist seat.
  • Fully pre-assembled to the chair secure and sturdy, and free from scratch.
  • An affordable luxury, built without any compromise to the original specifications and construction.
  • Arm Type = Armless
  • Quantity = 1
  • Weight = 18 lbs
  • Width = 22"
  • Height = 29"
  • Depth = 22"

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