OCC Modern Barcelona Ottoman in Black


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OCC Modern Barcelona Ottoman in Black

One of the most recognizable and enduring designs of the 20th century. It was originally designed in 1929 to serve as seating for the king and queen of Spain at the International Exposition in Modern , hence its name.

The ottomans were intended as seating for their servants. The set features a polished solid-core 301 stainless steel frame for maximum strength. The cushions are upholstered in 100% genuine Italian Leather.

Dimensions: 24" Length x 21.25" Depth x 16.5" Height

Key Features

  • Timeless classic modern design Upholstered in 100% Genuine Italian Leather front - very soft and supple
  • Chair frame is polished solid-core stainless steel with no unsightly screws
  • Heavy cowhide straps fasten the cushions to the frame
  • Highly polished stainless steel frame for a brilliant luster
  • Quantity = 1
  • Weight = 27 lbs
  • Width = 22"
  • Height = 17"
  • Depth = 22"

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