Morden Triangle Cat Scratcher Kitten Scratching Lounge Scratch Toy iPet


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Morden TriangleCat Scratcher Kitten Scratching Lounge Scratch Toy iPet

With unique design, this triangle cat scratcher comes with one sisal post for sharpening claws and stretching arms, and one covered with durable carpet. With two scratching surfaces your cat will leave your drapes and carpet untouched. Our pet product designed by professional designers with a fashion design that flows with the owner's home decor. Your cats will be more than happy to scratch this amazing feeling cardboard instead of scratching your furniture.

Key Features

  • Naturally attracts cats. Curves make for easier and more stimulating scratching and stretching
  • Features a cubby hole for exploration and play.
  • Durable construction and dense cardboard lasts longer than other scratchers
  • No Assembly needed
  • Weight = 3 lbs
  • Width = 16.1"
  • Height = 18.1"
  • Depth = 16.1"

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